What is the Difference Between a Current Driver and Past Driver?

DRAIVER defines contract driver statuses as shown below:

Active (driver is active in the system)
"You are active in the system and ready for trips as long as your status is set to available. Be sure you have your notifications in the app turned on, that way you don't miss out any trips we send your way.“
Background Hold (driver's area isn't active)
"The area you are in currently doesn't have any trips available. Until your area is active with trips, your account is placed on hold.
You should have received an email on the status of your account. However, when the area is active, we will send you a notification via email or SMS.“
"Your account has expired since you have not logged into the Draiver App in the last 45 days. To be considered for reactivation, please log in and this will generate a case to our support team. They will send you more information via email. Determining factors include: your area and past trips taken.
Your account has been suspended due to a violation of our terms of service. You should have been sent an email about this. If you would like to address this, please email your comments and questions to: support@draiver.com and your status will be reviewed by our support team.
Inactive - Denied
"Unfortunately you did not pass our background screening. You were sent an email with a further explanation. Thank you for considering Draiver“