What are the definitions of the New Registration Statuses?

Driver Registration status definitions are listed below.

Active (driver is active in the system)
"You are active in the system and ready for trips as long as your status is set to available. Be sure you have your notifications in the app turned on, that way you don't miss out any trips available in your current area.“
Inactive - Denied
"Unfortunately you did not pass our background screening. You were sent an email with detailed explanation from Checkr. Thank you for considering DRAIVER“
Another case with this status: they were previously a driver but violated the Terms & Conditions and have been removed from the platform. An email is sent to them explaining why they have been removed.
Registration in Progress
"You are currently on Step (step number) in the registration process. Please log into the driver portal with your username (email address) and password to complete the rest of the process. The system will let you pick up where you previously left off. Make sure you follow all the steps until you arrive at a screen that says: "You have successfully created an account" with a link to the training video. If you have not already downloaded the DRAIVER App follow the directions on how to download and perform the fictional training trip.“
Registration Expired (did not complete registration within 45 days)
"Since it has been more than 45 days since the last update to your registration, your registration has expired. Please log into the portal to continue the process.“
Training in Progress
"You have started the training trip, but have not finished it. You will need to login to the App on your smartphone and finish the training trip.“
Training Review (training trip is complete and is awaiting and review)
"The registration team will review your training trip to confirm it was completed successfully. If it has, you will be contacted via email or SMS if there is anything missing from your contact record. Your contact record must be completed before we can run your background check. If your account information is complete the system will automatically begin the your will automatically begin the background check process, and you will receive a confirmation email when this step has begun. Be sure to watch your email for updates.
Training Hold (has not logged into the DRAIVER App to generate training trip/email)
"Once you log into the DRAIVER App, it will send you the training trip, an email with further instructions, and a link to the video that will help you correctly complete the trip.“
Background in Process
"Your background check is in progress, this can take as little as a few hours to a few weeks depending on your driving and criminal record and availability of court records. If you have received an email regarding your driving record, that part of the process is complete and your criminal background report is in progress. When both the driving and criminal checks are complete, you will email an email if you do not pass the background screening. Otherwise, you will receive a Welcome email from DRAIVER"
If it has been longer than two weeks:
"We are unsure why your background check is not complete. It is likely due to delays at the county court level. We will notify the driver support team to research the issue and they will get back with you."
**Your background check delays will be escalated if it has been longer than two weeks**
Background Info Hold (waiting on further information)
"The training trip was completed but we are stilling missing information from you. You will need to provide us with (list what information we are missing) before we can start your background check.
**Please see the portal for what info the drive is missing**
Background Hold (driver's area isn't active)
"The area where you reside currently does not have any trips available. Until your area is active with trips, your account is placed on hold."
"You should have received an email on the status of your account. However, when the area is active, we will send you a notification via email or SMS."
Background Post Hold (has citation and needs to provide additional info, has expired Driver's License or DOT Medical Card)
In the case of a pending citation: "You were sent an email advising you that additional documentation is needed to determine if you qualify. If you no longer have a copy of the citation, you will need to contact the issuing police department for a copy. Please send this documentation to: support@draiver.com“
In the case of an expired Driver's License or DOT Medical Card: an SMS is sent with the expiration notice, the document has to be updated within 24 hours of receiving the notice. 
Background Error (driver did not provide information to Checkr)
"Checkr sent you an email about an issue regarding your background screen. Checkr was unable to return your results due to missing information they never received from you. Please contact Checkr for more information, check for the email that has a link where you can upload the missing information. Or, their number is: 844 -224 -3257.“
Background Review (background returned but needs manual review)
"Your background check has returned and requires further review by our registration department. You will receive an update within 24-48 hours, please be on the lookout for an email. We appreciate your patience.“
Driver Wants Account Reactivated After Requesting it Be Closed
"To be considered for reactivation please log in to the DRAIVER App with your username and password. This will generate a ticket to our support team. Please do not create a new account, duplicate accounts will be deleted. Depending on the area you are in, past trips taken, and other determining factors will dictate if you are approved for reactivation. You will be contacted by email as to what you need to do next."