I Was In an Accident, What Should I Do?

If you are involved in an accident while driving with DRAIVER, it is best to first make sure all parties involved are safe.

Follow the steps below if you have been in a car accident: 

Step 1

  • Call 911 and report the situation. 
  • If you or any other parties have been injured, stay where you are until help arrives.  
  • If the accident happened between two DRAIVER drivers and the scene is safe, you do not need to call 911. You will need to note the situation in the portal (what happened, has anyone been injured, spillage of any hazardous fluids, and if the vehicle is inoperable).

Step 2

  • Contact trip support in the DRAIVER App by opening the trip details tab, then select "Status Report" and then "Roadside Assistance". This will report your exact location. (866) 306-2086

Step 3

If involved with another driver and it’s safe to do so: 

  • Take photos of the other driver's plates and car, license, and insurance and upload this information into the DRAIVER App.
  • Take photos of the damage done to your vehicle, the other vehicle/object, and the surrounding scene. 
  • Email all the photos to support@draiver.com ASAP, please include your name and the trip #. 

Step 4

  • Contact the requester and advise them of the situation.

Step 5

  • Stay on the scene until they have been released by the police department.
  •  Any documents provided by the police must also be emailed to support@draiver.com with your name and trip #. 

Important note:

DRAIVER By-the-Trip Insurance is secondary to the Personal Chase driver's personal auto insurance policy. In the case of an accident involving the Personal Chase vehicle there is no roadside service or towing for the vehicle. The Chase Driver should contact their insurance company. If there are injuries, please send an alert to Kathy Zapp with details of the injuries.