How Is Roadside Assistance Accessed When There Are Issues With the Vehicle Being Transported?

Here's how to access roadside assistance when needed:

Roadside assistance will not be sent out if the driver runs out of fuel. The driver is responsible for monitoring the fuel level of the vehicle, as well as the level of "DEF" (diesel exhaust fluid).

There are three scenarios for roadside assistance - 1) at start location, 2) on Trip 3) personal vehicle issue  

If the driver is at the start location:

  1. Please make the DRAIVER clients aware of the issue and see if they believe the unit should be transported, or if they can assist with the problem.
  2.  If you are advised to not move the unit or that they cannot assist, document the name and title of the person you spoke with. 
  3. Please stop and contact trip support in the DRAIVER App.

If the vehicle has in the middle of a Trip or has already been moved:

  1. Please stop and report your exact location on the DRAIVER App. 
    1. Under the Detail Tab >> Select "Status Report"  then select "Roadside Assistance". 
  2. Instruct the driver to report any issues with the unit in the DRAIVER App (dash warning lights, engine issues, damages that will hinder the move of the unit, etc).
  3. Note the situation in the portal, once noted in the portal, escalate to a supervisor immediately.
  4. Now Call Roadside Assistance: 
    1. Check the unit interior for roadside assistance phone numbers.
    2. Phone numbers can be on key fobs, stickers on the dash, glove compartment, painted on the outside of the unit, on the side, or back.
    3. Roadside Assistant Numbers: 

      • U-Haul Roadside is printed on every key
      • Penske Truck Rental Roadside: 800-526-0798
      • Avis Budge Roadside: 800-354-2847
      • GM Roadside # for U-Haul: 800-462-8782
      • Fluid: 219-800-9748
      • ALT: 888-233-8573 

        If the vehicle is a personal chase vehicle:

        • Please get assistance from your personal insurance provider/AAA or other personal roadside help.
        • You are responsible for any repairs/accidents/breakdowns of your personal vehicle during a trip.

        DRAIVER Support 866-306-2086