How to order a Rideshare (Uber) within the DRAIVER App

Rideshare Instructions:

See Rideshare Video Below:


1. When you are ready to request a Rideshare, you must be at one of the following points in the App:
    1. I Have Arrived (only when rideshare is needed for starting a trip at the start location)
    2. Dropoff Complete

2. Do not click "on my way" until you are in the Rideshare vehicle.

3. At the point where Rideshare is to be requested click the "Rideshare Request’ button. If you need to move your pick-up point - move the pin drop to the exact location you will be waiting for your Uber driver.

4. You should receive an SMS confirming your request has been sent.

5. The SMS will provide you with all the information about your upcoming trip with Uber. If you need to contact your Uber driver his/her information will be in the SMS.

6. Do not click any further in your trip or you will cancel your Uber ride! Please use the DRAIVER App in real time as you progress through the trip.

7. Once you are physically in the Uber, then you can click “I’m on my way” to the next location. 

Keep in mind:
If the rideshare button isn’t working: Exit out of your trip and log into your Driver Portal (in the settings section of your App). There will be a rideshare request on the landing page where you can request the Rideshare.
If the Rideshare driver cancels: Exit out of the Trip, click back into the Trip and the button should be ready again to re-request new rideshare.

If no Uber is available: Call DRAIVER Support (844) 366-6837 and we will help provide you with instructions on how to request your ride. 

Rideshare in the App is only available during a Trip, it cannot be used to get to the start location from your home or to your home after a Trip. You are responsible to get yourself to/from the Trip Start location.