What Are the Responsibilities of a Personal Chase Driver?

Personal Chase drivers are responsible for transporting fellow drivers using their personal vehicle.

In addition, all Chase drivers need to stay BEHIND the customer hikers en route to the next location. Chase drivers are also ‘spotters’ to help hikers park and back up safely, ensuring they are clear of objects or other vehicles. And, should a hiker have an issue (mechanical, missing unit, etc) the Chase locates and stays with that hiker to assist until the issue is resolved.

 Chase drivers coordinate with all hikers before leaving the start location about breaks, refueling stops, and when trucks are being driven, to finalize the route to avoid roads where commercial vehicles are restricted (Google Maps only provides the quickest route, not commercial vehicle routes)

On the East Coast and in Chicago, IL and some other cities, many roadways and parkways have restrictions for commercial units and trucks. There are many low clearance bridges and train overpasses trucks cannot pass through safely without damage. If unsure, Google the best route for commercial vehicles given the addresses provided in the app. 

Chase drivers are NOT responsible to pick up or drop off other drivers from their personal residences. It is each driver’s responsibility to get to and from the Trip start location..