What is a DRAIVER Expense Card?

An Expense Card is a prepaid card issued after 3 completed Trip Transactions.

How to qualify:

Expense Cards are automatically issued after 3 successfully completed Trip Transactions. The card can take from 10-15 business days to arrive. Drivers are emailed to the address they have provided in their User Account, and are responsible for providing their most accurate and updated address. Drivers must ensure this address is correct before completing their third trip, as they will not receive an expense card if it is incorrect and will be charged for any replacement cards. 


How it works:

The Expense Card is funded when a driver picks up a customer’s vehicle and is defunded when they arrive at the drop-off location. As you move through the trip, you must be in the correct stage of the trip in the App to access the funds for fueling. If you have picked up the unit but have not clicked on "Pick-up Complete" the funds will not be available until you have clicked that field in the App. 

If you already clicked ahead on "Drop-off Complete", but need to fuel before actually dropping off the vehicle, you will not be able to use the card as the drop-off shows as Complete and you are no longer in the vehicle for fueling purposes in the App. Refer to trip notes for which expenses have been approved for reimbursement.

Important Note: be aware of using the App correctly to avoid these issues, do not move ahead of where you actually are in the trip, or forget to complete the pick-up in the App.


How to use:

For first-time use, the card needs to be swiped twice at the pump to be activated. If the pump asks for a PIN, it means you have chosen to use the card as a Debit, hence, cancel the transaction and choose Credit. Please enter zipcode 66211 and ensure the card is always used as Credit and not Debit.


Using another driver’s Expense Card during a trip:

The Expense Card may be used by another driver on the same trip as long as he/she has not yet received an Expense Card, does not have their card, or does not have enough funds to pay for the necessary fuel. The driver with an expense card must contact support in advance of fueling to get permission to use for other driver’s fuel. Both drivers must be at the pump ready to fuel before they call because there is a 5 min window of time or the card will turn off access. The owner of the Expense Card should upload the receipt as an expense and specify to whom it was lent, as well as the last six digits of the VIN of the vehicle that was fueled.